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I am a graphic design specialist, particularly logos based on calligraphy and lettering. I create a unique, personalized corporate identity tailored to your needs and those of your company. Graphic logo design, corporate identity, brand image, wine label design, poster/flyer design, trifold brochures, business cards.

Every good business starts with a clear brand image

Below you can see the graphic design services that I offer plus examples of my work. If you want to know more about a project click above the title.

Printed Graphic Design
  • Corporate identity design
  • Logotipo
  • Triptychs
  • Diptychs
  • Business and corporate cards
  • Posters and flyers
  • Wine labels 
  • Press dossiers
  • Calligraphy
  • Lettering
  • Apriles
  • Silvia Pérez Cruz
  • Café Sabor
  • Horno Bargalló
  • Isaac Jurado
  • Dos Torres
  • Tatiana fotografía
  • We are guides Barcelona
  • Lucy magazine

Do you need a logo for your business or brand?

Contact me, without obligation, and I can guide and advise you about your priorities and needs.

If you are thinking of opening a business, you will need a brand image and name. If you already have a brand name, you will need a logo, a corporate image, and a brand image that defines the look and feel of your business. First impressions count, hence the importance of a smart corporate identity. We start by designing a logo that represents you and your business. The logo is the starting point but not the end of the road. I can help with business cards, headed paper, press packs, diptychs and triptychs (flyers), image optimization for social networks, digital media, web, newsletters, electronic signatures. We can develop everything you need to create a unique and personalized brand that will attract new customers and surprise the competition.

I can develop a budget customized to your needs.
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