argentine wine box and label design

Apriles wine


Apriles Argentine wine label and box design


Apriles is a wine produced in the Calchaqui Valley of the Tucumán region, Argentina. The managers and creators of Apriles contacted me to design the bottle label and box for a two-bottle pack of their cellar’s new wine.

The starting point was the Royal Certificate of the Amaicha del Valle Indians. This certificate was sent to the Amaicha community in 1716 and helped them successfully settle a land dispute with a landowner from Salta. This document, kept in the Historical Archive of Tucumán, served as inspiration for the design and identity of the Apriles wine label.

It is a manuscript with certain attractive particularities. It made the project perfect for calligraphy. The connection between the letters ‘A’ and ‘P’ inspired me. This served as the concept for the design. I used a flat-tipped brush to achieve the merging of a Roman capitalized A and P. The historical document was scribed in Copperplate and I integrated this detail by using an oblique nib with a fine point, the same nib used for writing Copperplate font.

I drew the ‘A’ in italics, with typographic lines, to achieve a force and expressiveness that completed the design, a further thank you to calligraphy.

“Al Sr. Juez de Primera Instancia.

Juan Solis Ovando en las diligencias que ha iniciado

contra Don Filemon Palavecino sobre entrega de

la cédula real de los indios de Amaicha, y la

protocolizacion de la expresada cédula,

ante su señoría como mejor prueba expongo:”

* Tomado de la presentación del representante de los Amaichas.