Web magazine E-Commerce developed in CMS Woocommerce / WordPress

Two languages

Development time: approximately 30 days

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Nibster is a calligraphy magazine made by a group of calligraphers of which I am a part. The web / e-commerce was developed with the intention of publicizing the magazine internationally and selling the magazine. Only in the first months, a large part of the investment was recovered and sold in countries on most continents.


There are two keys to a successful e-commerce business. First, smooth user experience, in particular the configuration of the payment gateway. It must be free of blind alleys that may hinder the completion of the purchase process; secondly, first page organic rankings in the most popular search engines.

A successful first phase will facilitate the interaction between the buyer and the virtual store at all stages. The second will facilitate the dissemination of the website to as many users and clients as possible. We achieved both.