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The end will be spectacular


Web Layout on CMS WordPress

Development time: approximately 15 days

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International producer Alba Sotorra (Komîna fîlm a Rojava, 4KURDIST4N, Demkat Film Production, Svensk-Kurdisk Kulturfond, and Catalan Films & TV) contacted me to develop a website for the Middle East based film, The End Will Be Spectacular.

I created a one-page website with smooth scrolling with links to production information, synopsis, trailer, image gallery and latest news (blog).


A one-page website displays content on a single page, like a landing page or a shuttle page. Promotions and newsletters often use one-page sites to redirect users to a main, corporate website.

Smooth-scrolling is a smooth, vertical scrolling animation. Menu tabs link to one of the website’s modules, using an anchor link. A script avoids the typical abrupt movement associated with anchor links.