poster design

Views from the lockdown – Amics de la Gent Gran


Design of the poster “Views from the lockdown”


Amics de la Gent Gran is a non-profit association that is dedicated to accompanying old people, who due to life circumstances have been left alone, is a way to alleviate the hard loneliness, a life that is not the one their deserves no one and less people who have dedicated a large part of their lives to helping the others.

The action team of the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona, of which I have been a part since 2012, have created the ‘Mirades des del Confinament’ project, a project from which we encourage older people to express their vision from the confinement suffered in the time of health emergency that we have suffered from Covid19. An artistic vision of support or free features.
I was in charge of designing the project’s poster, starting from a wood type letterpress design, printed by hand and finally digitized to finish setting up the composition. These are the final art and the process.